Another year has gone, and another is on it’s way. Many of us reflect, make resolutions and plans to achieve certain goals. Some of us have high goals, and some have simpler, easy to manage ambitions. When 2018 started, I was really stressed out because I didn’t have a job, and I really wanted to work.  A year later, I have achieved a peace that things will happen on their time, and whenever God wills them to. We can strive, struggle, and do our best for our situations to move along in a better direction. However, we have our plans, and God has His. For me, this past year was filled with disappointments, but many good things happened too. I met so many wonderful people, and had unique experiences in a new country. I learned that everyone has their own stressors and issues to deal with, mine aren’t so special.

We moved from one area of town to another. We lived in a big house outside central Doha, but few months ago, we moved to West Bay. Our new apartment is located five minutes walk from City Center, and only fifteen minutes walk from Corniche. I walk almost every morning to the sea, and surprisingly it has been a great stress reliever for me. I love looking at the ocean, the fish inside the water, and crabs of various colors and sizes. Also, West Bay is where most of the big beautiful buildings in Doha are located, it’s almost like the center of the city. My move was the best thing that happened to me because I feel that the outside exposure has done wonders for me. Even my walk to the ocean is filled with watching people hurrying to their various activities. I observe everyone from construction workers to well-dressed office workers, and it’s a lot of fun.  I no longer feel sad all the time, though gainful employment would be pretty sweet.

My resolutions for 2019 are fairly simple.  I’d love to concentrate on working towards gaining employment, and just improving certain abilities. For example, I’d like to learn spoken Arabic and improve my French. Finally, I’d love to knit a full sweater for my six-year old. I learned to knit when I was expecting my youngest child, but I have yet to finish a knitting project. I have many  knitting projects that are incomplete, but none that have crossed the finish line. Also, I’d like to rememorize the 29th and the 30th juz from the Quran, (for the 4th time).  Again, these goals aren’t complicated and achievable, and that’s the way goals should be.