Amoudia: Therapy for Tired Souls

The residential compound called Amoudia had plenty of date trees, aloe plants, and mango trees scattered throughout.  There were vegetables and herbs planted by the residents and the maintenance people. The cleaning and maintenance guys were not the best, and trash could be found strewn on the ground. The children’s playground showed signs of neglect.... Continue Reading →

Mozzarella Topped Baked Tomato Slices (High Protein, High Fat and Low Carb)

Ingredients 3-4 big round tomatoes, sliced 1 cup mozzarella (you can use another cheese, but mozzarella works really well here) 1-2 t-spoon Italian seasoning  1 t-spoon ground black pepper Salt to taste Lemon juice to taste  Recipe Oil a metal or a glass trayArrange tomato slices on the tray, sprinkle with salt, black pepper, half... Continue Reading →

Kindness in communication

The immediate onslaught was horrible in the FB group. As soon as the woman said something, some of the other members replied in real mean ways. As I recall, members made nasty comments on her appearance, and I was absolutely horrified. Around the same time, someone asked about obtaining public benefits in another group, and... Continue Reading →

My Temper Tantrum Issue, What’s Yours

Qatar is a country of service providers from all walks of life. People are living here to provide services in their area of expertise. Most businesses have pretty good customer service. Here, it’s uncommon for a business to employ poorly prepared or rude staff. Our building management goes above and beyond to satisfy the tenants.... Continue Reading →

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