Layered Chana Chaat (South Asian Chick Pea Salad )


1 can chickpeas or 1 and ½ cup of well boiled chick peas 

1 cup of boondi or homemade pakoray (packet boondi works really well)

1 cup Boiled and cubed potatoes

1 and ½ cup of yogurt (1 and ½)

Finely Chopped tomatoes according to taste

Finely chopped onions according to taste

Finely chopped hot peppers according to taste

A handful of chopped coriander leaves

¼ cup tomato sauce or ketchup

¼ cup tamarind paste or according to taste

Salt to taste

Chaat Masala to taste

Ground red pepper to taste

Ground Cumin to taste

2 tablespoons of sugar or few packs of artificial sweetener


  • Take one cup of yogurt in a bowl and add salt, ground pepper and ground cumin according to your personal taste.
  • Now add this yogurt mix to the bottom of a separate serving dish. 
  • Next add boondi or pakoray over that. Mix this with the pervious mixture ^.  
  • Take chickpeas and add chaat masala, salt, and tomato sauce or ketchup, and put the chickpeas on top of the yogurt and boondi mixture. 
  • Take boiled and cubed potatoes, add salt and ground red pepper. Now add the potatoes on top of the chick-pea mixture
  • Add chopped tomatoes, onions, peppers, coriander and tamarind paste on top
  • Take the rest of the yogurt, and mix it with 2 tablespoons of sugar or a few packs of sweetener
  • Drizzle the sweet yogurt on top of the dish

This dish is a blend of tastes and textures. It combines sour, sweet, spicy, salty flavors into a blend of savory goodness. It may seem time consuming, but it does not take more than 20 minutes to put together. This is a great recipe for people who enjoy chana chaat!

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