The night I found a baby

It was a couple of days before Eid last year, the last days of Ramadan. Late one night, I went downstairs to feed the stray cats that lived around my building. After feeding, I was sitting on the low barrier separating our parking lot from the dirt plot next door, and I saw this small ghost-like creature walking toward me. I strained my eyes because they looked like a giant hairball rolling toward me. I went closer to the wall to get a better look. It was a cat, and long grey, hair covered all of it. It wouldn’t leave me alone and followed me to the feeding area, meowing pitifully. I thought about going there for a day or two. I thought it would eventually get settled in the colony. As I paid closer attention, it appeared limping and dragging its hind leg. I bent down and picked the hair creature (it looked like it was made entirely out of grey hair), and all I felt were bones and hair. Also, when I held it, it just settled in my arms. I looked into its eyes and couldn’t leave the hair creature. 

I had a bag with cat food and other material in it. I just put the creature inside the bag and returned home. When I showed my find to Ms. Iman (others were sleeping), she just about passed out from joy. We brought it to the downstairs bathroom and washed it in the sink. It offered little resistance and made no noise as we cleaned it up. 

We set up a litter box, food, and water bowls for the exhausted, grey bundle. Even though I hate venturing outside for extra trips while fasting, I took the grey fur blob to the vet. The vet confirmed what I suspected, the left hind leg was fractured, and it had happened some time ago as it didn’t appear to be in pain. We named her Baby because of her vast eyes, babylike face, and trusting nature. Within a few days, Baby looked healthier and acted better too. I found a lovely family for her, who didn’t want to spend money but was a reasonably decent family. Baby became a diva after recovering from her outside ordeal, and it was a pleasure to hold and pamper her. She was not aggressive at all. I will never forget the night I found Baby and brought her home. She loved sleeping with us, on her back with her paws sticking in the air, and never made much sound. She brought much pleasure to our quiet home.

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