Discovery from simple pain to Arthritis

When I was finally forced to go to the doctor and get an x-ray (and later an MRI) done, my right knee was absolutely on fire. I could barely take a few steps to the bathroom. I knew in my thirties that I had arthritis, but I closed my eyes and never really paid attention. I was okay if life was every day and I could carry daily activities. Over time, it kept getting worse, quietly. First, I could not run anymore, but I was happy with walking. Then I could not climb the stairs and learned to avoid them. 

However, I procrastinate and sleep on things until they make their presence known. When I went to the doctor and had an x-ray done, even a few steps were making me scream. Finally, the verdict was in stage 2 arthritis. Life as I knew it would be no more. Those first few days were devastating, but after some prolonged soul-searching, I went to a second physician and got an MRI done. It was difficult at that time, and I felt overwhelmed and numb. I could barely walk, and even that for only a few minutes. My new doctor suggested a supplement called glucosamine, swimming, and severe weight loss. I am learning to swim (not an easy feat considering my aquaphobia) and working on weight loss. 

This time, I cannot ignore and shove this somewhere where I can deal with it later. There is no room to sit and wait. I am making crucial lifestyle changes to improve my condition and mobility. Since the swimming lessons started, I am beginning to feel better. The weight is falling, and my walking appears and feels somewhat normal. I will continue working on my swimming, weight loss, and other options. I will not let this bring me down. I am making this sound easy, but it is not. However, when situations present themselves, they must be dealt with. Ignoring and averting attention will not let something go away.

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