Plain & Simple: That’s how I roll

A while back, I asked someone to buy me 4 stalks of green onions; I ended up with 4 big bundles of green onions that I had to find people to give away.  At another time, I ended with 4 bottles of synthetic vinegar when I had asked for just one. Whether the communication is social or business, clarity matters a lot. I have learned through trial and error and at the urging of my teenaged kids to improve my communication skills. Now, whenever I communicate with another person, I make sure my purpose is plain and clear. We have all had those experiences when a friend or someone else asks us to do something or tells us something. Still, due to less than sterling communication skills, we end up doing the wrong thing, buying an awful thing, or conveying inaccurate information.

 All of us have miscommunicated; I know I have. When we think we are saying something to another person, we assume that they understand what we are saying or asking them to do. Well, unless we put our request or information in plain, simple words, many people might not get our message. Additionally, fewer words might also be better. Also, in a request for a chore or a favor from another person, avoid history, past experiences, opinions, and other people’s quotes. I have issues with getting sidetracked and sticking to my topic in my communications. My kids keep pointing out that I have to state what I ask them to do in simple, to-the-point sentences. I am trying and kind of getting there, but habits die hard

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